Working Washington released a statement after workers in Tukwila won a $3/hour boost to the city’s minimum wage in Tuesday’s General Election.

As of election night, 82% of Tukwila voters supported the ballot measure, which will bring the city’s minimum wage in line with SeaTac’s, requiring large employers to pay around $19 per hour starting in the summer of 2023.

“Once again, workers in our region have demonstrated what’s possible when we organize together to improve our lives,” said Danielle Alvarado, Executive Director of Working Washington. “This landmark win ensures a long overdue $3/hour raise for thousands of workers in Tukwila—and the astonishing margin of victory shows there’s broad agreement in the community that boosting wages is good for both workers and the economy.”

Transit Riders Union led the Raise the Wage Tukwila campaign, with support from Working Washington and a broad coalition of community organizations.