This week, the Tukwila Fire Department held a ‘push-in’ ceremony for its new Engine 351 at Fire Station 51.

The new engine was funded by a 2016 voter-approved 20-year Public Safety Bond for three fire stations, and guaranteed funding for fire equipment and apparatus.

To all of us non-firefighters, a ‘push-in’ ceremony originated when horse drawn fire engines had to be pushed back into stations by hand. First the horse carriage would be disconnected, then firefighters would push the heavy engines back into the station. This has become a tradition for new engines.

Another tradition honored by Tukwila FD was the transferring of water from a previous engine to the new one.

These ceremonies are intended to display unity among firefighters.

“Thanks for all those who could attend our push-in ceremonies this week, it was a great event! In case you couldn’t make it, here is a short video of Engine 351.”