Apollo, the beloved K9 officer of the Tukwila Police Department, at a party held Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2024 “pawed farewell” to his days of duty, marking the end of a remarkable seven-year career dedicated to sniffing out illegal drugs and spreading joy among the community.

According to police, the K9 – known for his loyal service and infectious charm – will now embark on a well-deserved retirement filled with leisurely days of sleeping in and indulging in endless pig ears.

Apollo’s journey began when he was discovered abandoned and taken to an animal shelter, where he awaited adoption for six months. Despite facing the possibility of euthanasia, Apollo’s fortunes changed when a police K9 trainer sought a suitable candidate for law enforcement work. Selected for his potential, Apollo joined the ranks of the Tukwila Police Department, defying doubts surrounding his breed, as he was a pit bull.

Police said that during his tenure, Apollo excelled in narcotics detection, earning top honors in his class at narcotics school. His exemplary service and unwavering dedication endeared him to the community, leaving an indelible mark on all who encountered him.

As Apollo retires, members of the community poured in with gifts, well wishes, and expressions of gratitude for his service. Children, in particular, showered him with affection, reflecting the special bond he forged with residents of all ages.

“Thank you to the members of the community who stopped by with gifts and well wishes and their children to give Apollo some love,” police said. “Please help us wish him a warm farewell and share any stories or memories you had with him in the comments below!”


Below are photos courtesy the Tukwila Police Department: