Tukwila Police are seeking the public’s help identifying a happy, smiling shoplifting suspect they call “Guy Smiley,” who they say is known to steal Tide Pods.

Here’s more from Tukwila P.D.:

“Guy Smiley is a regular shoplifter at a store here in Tukwila. He tends to steal Tide Pods, most likely for resale but there’s no telling if he’s just living his best life circa 2018 aka the year of the Tide Pod Challenge.

“But we digress.

“Guy Smiley fled in this unusual chariot of choice, a white Toyota Corolla with this fine piece of outdoor furniture strapped to the roof while displaying driving skills on par with that of a student driver behind the wheel for the first time ever. In past incidents, he arrived and left in a black pickup truck.

“If you know Guy Smiley or bought Tide Pods from him, please let us know. He is looking at numerous charges now and likely organized retail theft (ORT) charges due his repeat offenses.

“Please contact Officer Masters at v.masters@tukwilawa.gov and reference case #240000249.”