With freezing temperatures ahead in the near forecast, the City of Tukwila is encouraging community members to use caution and keep warm.

Local sites in and near Tukwila include:

Existing Daytime Public Spaces (No Services):  

Existing Daytime Public Spaces (No Services): 

A full list of available warming locations is available at the King County Regional Housing Authority website.

In addition, asylees who are temporary residents of the camp at Riverton Park United Methodist Church (RPUMC) will be provided temporary warm housing during the upcoming cold snap. All families at RPUMC will be accommodated with inclement weather sheltering via KCRHA and their provider, the YWCA, as well as a private developer that the church has been working with. Other residents are anticipated to be sheltered via KCRHA’s inclement weather program.

“It’s critical during these type of weather events that we work together to protect everyone is our community, including our most vulnerable,” said Tukwila Mayor Tom McLeod. “In particular, I want to thank the church and our other community partners for coming together and helping find warm shelter spaces for the asylees.”