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Hey Recology,

We have a lot of company visit us during Thanksgiving, and I notice that my household always seems to generate much more waste during this time. How can we avoid producing so much waste this year? 

Thank you, 

We are glad you asked, Trish! 

The holidays are a great time of the year to practice Waste Zero habits. Here are five steps you can take to produce less waste:

  1. When decorating and setting up your home for the holiday season, avoid buying new items. Instead, consider visiting a thrift store to donate your old items while searching for replacements, borrowing from someone, or upcycling your old items to refresh your holiday setup.
  2. Plan and prepare the right amount of food for the number of guests you are having over. This will save you money at the store and help prevent food waste. 
  3. Choose reusable dishware, silverware and napkins when serving meals. Utilizing as many reusable items as you can is an easy way to reduce your waste! 
  4. After meals, remember to save any food for leftovers. Don’t let that leftover turkey and gravy go to waste!
  5. As a reminder, any glass beverage bottles, metal cans, and juice cartons can be recycled if clean, empty, and dry, and any unsavable food items like turkey or ham bones can be composted in your Recology compost cart.

As always, we can answer any additional questions you may have through email, at RKCWasteZero@recology.com or via social media!

For more ideas on how to reduce waste, visit one of our Recology stores! The Burien Recology store is located at 15858 First Avenue S, #A100 Burien, WA (map below).

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Thanks for wasting less!

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