Details on a recent arrest by the Tukwila Police Department:

🚨The Wet Fugitive🚨

Not quite as dramatic as “The Fugitive” aka Harrison Ford jumping out of a storm drain into a dam from on high. But “A” for effort none the less and an “F” for wasting our time and resources while it was fairly busy out there.

The tale begins at a house your Tukwila officers have become all too familiar with in the vicinity of 40th and 150th. Last week, a suspect in a stolen car fled from the property almost hitting the Deputy Chief in the process. Four stolen cars were recovered from the property at that time. In a separate incident, an auto theft suspect pulled a screw driver on an officer and implied he had a firearm. The same individual is a suspected member of an organized retail theft (ORT) crew responsible for over $50k in stolen merchandise. But we digress..

A car had gone through a fence at the property and became high-centered. Arriving officers located the vehicle and the pictured suspect took it upon himself to engage the Tukwila PD Track Team in a bout of felony cardio. Not wanting to be held accountable for his multiple felony warrants, he took refuge in a storm drain nearby for close to an hour before giving up and being taken into custody.

He was booked into jail on the warrants. The investigation is ongoing in him and his friends.

Photos courtesy Tukwila Police Department