It’s been a busy week or two for Tukwila Police and their use of FLOCK Automated License Reader cameras – here’s more from your local P.D.:

“Assistance from our FLOCK Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) cameras have led to the recovery of numerous stolen vehicles, stolen firearms, narcotics, wanted persons and more. A large majority of the crimes that we’re seeing are being carried out by those arriving and fleeing in stolen vehicles. The getaway chariot of choice these days are KIA’s and Hyundai’s.

“Officers located an occupied stolen vehicle parked in the 17500 blk Southcenter Pkwy. Upon contacting the suspect, the suspect rammed multiple patrol vehicles and two vehicles parked nearby in an attempt to flee. The suspect was combative with officers trying to extricate him from the vehicle and a taser was deployed. The suspect was taken into custody. 23-4184

“An officer located a male on Tukwila International Blvd that had been striking vehicle windows and acting in an erratic manner. As the officer approached the suspect, the suspect reached into his waistband then took a shooting stance. He pushed his hands out in a motion similar to “punching out” with a firearm leading the officer and witnesses to believe that he was pointing a firearm at the officer. Other officers arrived and a struggled ensued with the suspect in which an officer was violently struck in the face by the suspect and injured. After lengthy struggle, the suspect was taken into custody. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation prior to being booked into jail.

“Officers responded to a call of a vehicle that had gone through a fence and into a yard in the vicinity of 42nd and Southcenter Blvd. A witness observed the driver retrieve a pistol from within the vehicle as he was trying to exit it. The witness took the pistol from the driver and turned it over to arriving officers. The driver is a convicted felon and registered sex offender and was taken into custody for firearms violations due to being illegally in possession of a firearm. Multiple types of narcotics were discovered on his person during a search incident to arrest. 23-4032

“A driver struck a light pole in the 13800 blk Tukwila International Blvd and fled on flood. Officers located the suspect at the Riverton Cemetery and took him into custody for Hit & Run, DWLS 2nd and DUI. 23-4157

“An officer passing a vehicle that was parked on the side of the road received a Missing Person notification from his Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) camera related to the plate on the vehicle he had passed. Upon turning around to investigate, the officer located the missing person inside of the vehicle deceased. No foul play is suspected. 23-3954

“Officers responded to a hit & run collision call in the 5800 blk Southcenter Blvd. A few moments after responding, a 9-1-1 caller reported that he was carjacked. Officers located the carjacked vehicle in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Macadam Rd S which is the same complex that the victim of the carjacking lives at. Bizarre coincidence…? No. Officers located the carjacking victim who was intoxicated. Through investigation, officers ascertained that the victim had been driving under the influence and was responsible for the initial hit & run call and that he had then falsely reported a carjacking to try to cover his tracks. The fake carjacking victim was taken into custody for Hit & Run and false reported and was booked into jail. 23-4128

“An officer received a stolen vehicle notification in the 300 blk Andover Park W from our Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) cameras. The vehicle fled but was picked up again another camera. Officers successfully spiked the vehicle at 62nd and Southcenter Blvd. The vehicle drove up Macadam with a flat tire or three and eventually ran out of road at the dead end of 59th and S 144th St. Six occupants of the vehicle all fled on foot into the brush-line. All six were located and detained and released to their parents/guardians. 23-4108

?An officer received a stolen vehicle notification in the vicinity of Strander Blvd and Southcenter Pkwy on our Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) cameras. The officer saw the vehicle pull into the mall but did not locate it. An officer assigned to the mall found the vehicle with the assistance of security and it was recovered. Upon reviewing surveillance footage, two females were observed arriving in the vehicle and exiting. The officer located the suspects inside of the mall and they were detained without incident. The driver of the vehicle was determined to be 14-years-old and was released to a parent along with her sister who was the passenger in the car. 23-4149

“A call about a suspicious vehicle turned into a recovered stolen vehicle after officers arrived in the 6800 blk S 180th St to investigate the call. The vehicle was unoccupied and while being searched, a loaded handgun and ballistic vest were recovered. The vehicle was returned to the owner. 23-4093

?Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) cameras located an occupied stolen vehicle in the 15200 blk Tukwila International Blvd. While the officer was exiting his vehicle to contact the driver, the suspect rammed the officers car while fleeing and took off at a high rate of speed into SeaTac. The vehicle was not located although it is now missing it’s front bumper.”