Tukwila Police is reporting that Officers conducting extra patrols at the corner of 144th and Tukwila International Blvd. were advised that a male had just shoplifted from a convenience store on the corner.

Police say that upon being told to stop, the suspect did what most do these days – he ran from the officers.

“The bright green Seahawks jersey he was wearing with another jersey wrapped around his head made him very easy to spot,” police said.

The Seahawk loving suspect was detained without incident (#worstfanever).

Police add that the plot thickened from there.

“A bout of amnesia and not wanting to spend the evening involuntarily in our bed and breakfast led to a case of identify crisis in which the suspect provided officers with the name of his twin brother in an effort to avoid going to jail.”

“Unfortunately for him, his brother also partakes in what appears to be the family criminal affair and had a felony warrant of his own. Not being one to take one for the team for his brother, the suspect provided his real name and was promptly booked into jail on his own warrant.”