The City of Tukwila is currently developing a Stormwater Management Action Plan (SMAP) that will select one stream from within Tukwila to evaluate how to reduce pollution and improve water quality, and organizers are seeking public input.

The deadline to submit ideas is June 10, 2022.

Here’s more from the city:

Stormwater Management: planning for the future
Tukwila is growing. As more people come to call our City home, the river and streams that we enjoy face new pressures.

The City needs your input to prioritize a basin where the Stormwater Management Action Plan, or SMAP , will plan for targeted stormwater actions to reduce pollution and improve overall water quality. What is a basin?

For our purposes, it is all the land within City of Tukwila that drains into one body of water.
SMAP is a State-required process that asks for local resident input on the decision-making process. City staff have evaluated a number of factors impacting the present and future health of local streams and have narrowed our list down to four potential streams and their surrounding basins. Now we need your input and ideas as we develop Tukwila’s SMAP.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Click the link below, then review the map and use the information to decide which streams and areas in the City you value.

Complete the survey by June 10, 2022.