On Tuesday, afternoon (Feb. 23, 2021), Tukwila Police officers were dispatched to a financial institution in the 12700 block of Gateway Drive (map below) for the report of suspected fraudulent activity.

Police say that the suspect – described as an adult male – was alleged to be attempting to use fraudulent and or stolen documents for a financial transaction.

Responding officers soon located the suspect, who immediately fled on foot and jumped into the Duwamish River nearby.

Officers immediately called for Tukwila Fire Department river support to assist with rescue attempts as the suspect floated downstream.

But shortly after jumping into the river, police say the suspect was “quickly overcome by the rapidly moving currents and went under the water and out of view.”

King County Guardian One and multiple area fire departments, along with Tukwila Fire and Tukwila officers helped in the search.

Sadly, the suspect has not yet been found.

Here’s raw footage of the search courtesy KOMO: