The Tukwila Police Department is seeking a thief named “Chris” who inadvertently recorded the following video on a camera, which was stolen during a recent vehicle prowling incident:

Here’s the note from police, as posted on Facebook:

Dear Chris,

We have been trying to reach you regarding this video that you made with a camera that was stolen during a vehicle prowling incident. The thing is Chris, you didn’t take your partner in crimes advice to delete the video you made of you and your friend discussing the finer points of selling stolen goods including this camera all while surrounded by narcotic paraphernalia and what we can only assume to be stolen property from multiple other vehicle prowling incidents. To make matters worse, you pawned said stolen camera with the video intact on the memory card and used your real ID to do so…Far be it from us to discourage such a thing and we in fact commend you for your lapse in judgment as it led us to this shaky but usable Blair Witch style home video that you inadvertently filmed and forgot to delete.

Please feel free to give us a call at 206-433-1808 and ask to speak with our Major Crimes Unit (MCU) regarding your behavior as you haven’t yet returned our calls. You may also want to call down to Thurston County about a few pending felony charges that you have to get those cleared up as well.

Your female compatriot is also welcome to give us a call to discuss her participation in the trafficking of stolen property.