Tukwila’s Community Police Team (CPT) detectives who were recently patrolling a known problem area noticed a vehicle with no license plates and two individuals passed out in it surrounded by narcotic paraphernalia.

“Concerned for their well-being and wanting to discuss the dangers of narcotic abuse with the two, detectives woke the pair up and began speaking with them,” police said.

Here’s more from police:

“When asked who the car belongs to, the pair went with the age old “my friend” which was followed by a temporary memory lapse as to the name of said friend. This is a common phenomenon that has yet to be classified as a medical condition.

“Inside the vehicle, multiple Sawzall cordless saws and a car jack were observed in plain sight. These seemingly common construction and automotive tools are seemingly nothing out of the ordinary. With their powers combined and in the hands of criminals, these are tools of the trade for those who partake in the criminal act of catalytic converter theft. This has become an increasingly serious problem both regionally and nationally.

“Also recovered was the pictured BB gun containing no markers or indicators that it is not a real gun. This is one of multiple similar style BB guns recovered over the past several months by officers. The general reason these are carried along to criminal acts is to act as a visual deterrent to anyone attempting to stop catalytic converter thieves.

“Detectives also discovered (much to no one’s surprise) that the vehicle had been use in Kent back in April as the getaway chariot of choice for two individuals who stole a catalytic converter from a vehicle at an apartment complex.

“The vehicle was impounded by detectives. Due to lack of probable cause for an arrest related to the Kent incident or any current crime(s), the suspects were identified and released. CPT detectives will now work to determine who the vehicle belongs to, if it has been used in any other recent crimes and if the suspects identified can be tied to any crime(s) in the area.”

Photos courtesy Tukwila Police