Tukwila Police are reporting that over the past several weeks, the reason for a large presence of officers on Andover Park W. between Tukwila Parkway and Strander Blvd. has been due to concerns from community members and observations of officers and detectives related to brazen narcotic use at bus shelters, drug paraphernalia and litter left behind, erratic behavior of those under the influence of narcotics and an increase in brazen retail theft.

Police say that officers, detectives and even members of the command staff have contacted numerous individuals engaging in suspicious and/or criminal activity in this area since the emphasis began and have made multiple arrests for theft, active warrants and more plus seized fentanyl, crystal meth, oxycodone and other narcotics that were packaged for individual use and or distribution. Several offenders had multiple active warrants issued from multiple jurisdictions.

In addition to the seized narcotics, officers have also recovered firearms, ammunition, thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise from brazen thieves that have been loading up shopping carts, bags and suitcases with merchandise without care. Several offenders attempted to walk right past officers at the exit of the store with visible merchandise they had not paid for. Others that were caught loading stolen items into their vehicle fled on foot. Some just ditched the merchandise inside of the store prior to committing the crime and one individual realizing that he was busted, walked right up to two officers on an unrelated call and handed them a suitcase full of alcohol that he had just stolen.

Recovered items included large amounts of alcohol, Tide Pods, clothing, bedding, TV’s and other high dollar amount products that were stolen as part of shoplift for profit thefts. The vast majority of those contacted during the emphasis are not Tukwila residents and traveled to the area specifically to commit the crimes. Several offenders admitted to having committed such brazen crimes due to having done so multiple times elsewhere with no resistance or repercussions for their actions. They were kindly informed that such behavior is not tolerated here.

“In recent days, we have noticed that the patrols have made a difference,” police said. “There has been a visible drop in individuals loitering in the area, less thefts being reported, less discarded narcotic paraphernalia and less litter in the area. We will continue to diligently monitor the area for activity and keep up a patrol presence as well.”

Photos courtesy Tukwila Police Department