Tukwila Police are reporting that on Thursday morning, Mar. 3, 2022, an officer responded to the report of an occupied suspicious vehicle in the 1100 block of Andover Park W., when he discovered that the vehicle was stolen.

Police say that the officer contacted three individuals in the vehicle and noticed that the VIN was intentionally covered. The vehicle was owned by a company in a neighboring city and everyone in the vehicle claimed to not know who owned the vehicle, where it came from, how they came in possession of it, etc.

“Another one of those oh so regular ‘Not my pants, not my car’ capers,” police said. “Things started getting weird when the driver was asked to provide his ID as the officer believed the vehicle to be stolen. The driver blurted out that he would not comply and when asked why, informed the officer it was because he had warrants and was not willing to go to jail.”

As other officers were responding to assist, the driver turned stolen vehicle suspect and current warrant collector decided to partake in some felony cardio and took flight on his feet. Unbeknownst to him, our officer is a regular member of the Tukwila PD Track Team and gave chase. The suspect was taken into custody several blocks away.

He did in fact have multiple felony warrants out of King County including possession of a stolen vehicle. In a last-ditch effort to avoid a trip to jail, he claimed to have swallowed narcotics as that is the usual go-to for those seeking to avoid a trip to jail. Instead, he was transported to the hospital to debunk his narcotic swallowing claim and will then be transported to jail.

“The van turned out to in fact be stolen,” police said. “It was filled with a massive quantity of meat which had been stolen during a shoplifting incident the day prior.”