Rambo Integrated Pest Management offers a no-hassle total Pest Control solution.

Rambo Total Pest Control is proud to announce a new Integrated Pest Management Division, or IPM for short. Rambo stands at the ready to turn your honey-do list into a honey-done solution to address areas in your home that require attention to defend against pest intrusion.

Over the years, owner Luke Rambo and his team have found that busy homeowners are often stretched for time and the skills to perform the sort of home maintenance which is essential to comprehensive pest management. After some thought and concentrated effort to assemble a professional licensed, experienced and reliable team, Rambo Total Pest Control is proud to offer these IPM services for active current customers with a regular pest control service plan in place.

Integrated Pest Management is a comprehensive approach toward resolving and preventing a pest issue, looking at the current dynamics in place and how to best establish control, as well as the root causes of why the issue exists at that particular location. IPM is the cornerstone of any successful pest control program.

One aspect of IPM is to identify and correct conducive conditions. Conducive conditions can mean many things, but generally speaking, we are referring to the factors which encourage pest populations to exist in or near man-made structures.

Some examples of conducive conditions include:

    • Overgrown foliage against a home
    • Tree branches in close proximity to a roofline
    • Stored items or clutter around a structure
    • Bird food or pet food left outside
    • Fallen fruit
    • Clogged rain gutters
    • Gaps in door weather stripping

If left in place, these conducive conditions make your home appealing and accessible to insects and rodents by providing them food, harborage, easy access to your home, as well as methods to bypass pest treatments. Rambo IPM specialists can help correct these conducive conditions around your property, which will help achieve faster and more sustainable pest control results when compared to traditional pest control methods alone.

Here’s what Luke has to say about the inspiration for this valuable service:

“Historically, we have always documented and encouraged the correction of these conducive conditions, but we left this work in the hands of our clients to complete or to hire a handyperson to do the work. Over time, we determined that if we provided these services in-house, not only would we be able to provide a more comprehensive service to our clients, we would also be able to save them the time and trouble of dealing with those issues themselves.  Let’s face it—people are busy!  Most people do not want to spend their limited amount of free time pruning back bushes or cleaning out gutters. Now with our IPM Division in place, we are fully equipped to provide these services for you!”

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to call our office today to schedule a complimentary IPM Assessment, or ask your technician at your next regular service.

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