My name is De’Sean Quinn and I am running for reelection for Position #7 on the city council.

I am the father of two boys, a husband, and your neighbor.

For 13 years I’ve served the community on the Tukwila City Council with a focus to make Tukwila regionally competitive, with a strong and diversified economic foundation. I have walked through our neighborhoods, speaking and listening to neighbors, community leaders, and businesses. I have a passion for putting people first. Public service is community service. Professionally, I have the honor of serving as the Interim Assistant General Manager of King County Metro Transit for Partnerships and Strategies, connecting people across the region with transit service. I understand the importance and responsibility of service.

I believe that today, Tukwila is more vibrant, welcoming, and innovative than ever. But there’s still work to do. I will work to further opportunities where everyone cares for their community, their neighborhoods and each other, through promoting a neighborhood grant program and ensuring safety for all. Let us stand together for progress and work for the common good! Tukwila is a place for all.

17 years ago, my wife and I moved here because we were drawn by the diverse neighborhoods and thriving diverse community. We remain here, raising our two sons here, because of our deep commitment to the city, and we’re proud to call it home. What happens in this city is extremely important to me. Serving as your city council member over the last 13 years, I am proud of the work that I have done. Together, we have passed fiscally responsible budgets that allowed us to achieve the second highest bond rating in city history, worked with the last three police chiefs and law enforcement on urban renewal reducing crime on Tukwila boulevard, proposing the See You in the Park events, and laying the groundwork for our future Senior and Teen Intergenerational Center which is a down payment on enhancing the quality of life in Tukwila.

We are a “Beloved Community that is creative and redemptive. I am solutions driven and known as someone who promotes and believes in thoughtful solutions to address challenges and opportunities that face Tukwila while upholding the social contract that we share with one another so we can continue doing our part to enhance our great city.

Instead of asking for change I rolled up my sleeves with you and took the responsibility to create it. I want to continue working with you and for you. I ask for your vote to continue serving you.