EDITOR’S NOTE: Since our creation in 2008, The Tukwila Blog has allowed residents running for local office one free post for when they announce their candidacy:

Activist, filmmaker, and youth mentor, Mohamed Abdi, has announced his campaign for Tukwila City Council, Position 5.

“I am running to bring a fresh new voice of advocacy to the table centering the needs of youth, immigrants and our marginalized people of color to champion its promise of providing a high quality of life for all residents”, Stated Abdi. “I look forward to representing everyone in my diverse community of Tukwila. I will run an impactful campaign, one in which I will display integrity and honesty in all my interactions and treat all that I encounter with the utmost respect and love.”

This seat is currently held by Zak Idan, who recently announced he will not be running for another term. Idan has already announced in his statement that he will be supporting Mohamed Abdi to succeed him.

“I am still committed to building a cleaner, safer, healthier city for Tukwila families and children. That’s why I am committed to supporting a young leader known as Mohamed Abdi who I have had the opportunity to cultivate as an amazing leader and mentor in the past 3 years”, Idan said. “Tukwila families and children deserve the same opportunities as all Americans – to build better futures for our families and children. Mohamed has been an ambassador of his faith and his community. Please join me in supporting Mohamed for Tukwila City Council position 5.

At 24 years old, Abdi would be one of the youngest elected officials in the state if elected. Abdi brings a new perspective from a new generation that has been historically disenfranchised from the political process, and plans to make that change by changing the way local government engages with the youth in their community. Despite his age, he already serves on multiple boards in the region, including the Best Start for Kids Youth Board and Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Immigration Institution. His dedication to and involvement has earned him the admiration and respect of many other community leaders around King County, such as Eric Agyemang

“Mohamed is an inspiration for true and intentional leadership and social change. Rooted in his big heart for community and all people, Mohamed has a deep understanding and analysis of the systemic and structural barriers that continually impede the wellbeing of historically underrepresented communities. He would not only lead the change process but would be the change – he will lead and serve the community beautifully.”

Abdi hopes his candidacy inspires others in his generation to get involved in politics early in life to affect change for their futures. More information about Mohamed Abdi’s campaign can be found at www.mohamed4council.com.