Public Health – Seattle and King County say that the vaccination rate for residents 16 or older in the Tukwila area is 32.5 percent, which is above the county average of 32.1 percent.

These stats are for people over 16 who have received at least one dose in an area that includes Tukwila, SeaTac, Burien and Renton – a total of 68,186 doses for a population of approximately 210,000:

For those 65 and up, the vaccination rate is 76.6%:

For those over 75, the vaccination rate is 80.3%:

Here are more stats and info from the county’s COVID Vaccination Dashboard (as of Mar. 25, 2021):

    • 32.1% of King County residents ages 16+ have started the vaccine series (received their first dose)
    • 18% of King County residents ages 16+ are now fully vaccinated.
    • As of Mar. 17, 2021, vaccine eligibility expanded to pregnant people, people living with disabilities, and high-risk critical workers in certain industries.
    • Next Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2021, vaccine eligibility will be extended even further, to: people with two or more comorbidities; people between the ages of 60-64; workers in restaurants, food service, manufacturing and construction; and those living in congregate settings.
    • It’s great news that more people are now eligible to be vaccinated, BUT vaccine supply has not yet caught up with this expansion in eligibility. We have just one first dose for every 8 eligible residents.
    • We know this is frustrating, but hope is on the horizon. In April and May, the national vaccine supply will increase and it will get easier to get a vaccination appointment!

Infection-wise, the positive rate for SeaTac is 8,079.5%, with 26 deaths reported:

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