On Sunday, June 7, 2020, over 50 people peacefully protested against the recent police killing of George Floyd, and in support of Black Lives Matter, in Tukwila.

The march proceeded down Interurban Avenue S. from the Tukwila Community Center and ending at the Riverside Inn. Tukwila Police had two cars escorting protestors, and blocked traffic at some crosswalks/intersections as folks walked down the sidewalks.

All along the way, protesters chanted.

“All walks of life in Tukwila were present, young and old, a diverse crowd that I recognized represented all of our community,” Mayor Allan Ekberg told The Tukwila Blog.

The peaceful event was coordinated on very short notice by Jovita Thomas McConnell, using social media and reaching out to community members via instant messaging, text, and emails.

Jovita welcomed the crowd of over 50 folks who gathered at the Tukwila Community Center, then introduced Mayor Ekberg, who thanked them for attending, and introduced elected officials including Tukwila Councilmembers De’Sean Quinn, Kate Kruller, Zak Idan, as well as 11th District State Rep. Zach Huggins and 8th District King County Councilmember Joe McDermott.

At the Riverside Inn, some folks spoke including Pastor Jan from the Riverton Park United Methodist Church who said a prayer, along with former councilmember Joe Duffie, who talked about years of suffrage.

Council President Quinn led the group in a laying down on the asphalt to recognize George Floyd’s last moments of life at the hands of a white police officer.

Protestors then reversed and walked back to the Tukwila Community Center.

“My T-Shirt says it All – One Tukwila, as we are all one here today representing our community,” Ekberg added.

Here’s a video produced by Tukwila Kids: