The City of Tukwila and local Chamber of Commerces are partnering on a new “Saving Local” initiative to promote buying experiences and gift cards for later use.

The initiative will help drive cash to closed businesses or businesses that are operating at reduced capacity.

The City of Tukwila has allocated lodging tax funds to help with the campaign.

Participating Chambers and businesses are being asked to support the initiative through their own digital and social media platforms.


Will this be branded Tukwila only?
No, this will be marketed as a King County activity in order to expand the reach.

Who Can Participate?
Any consumer facing businesses in King County. The business just needs to offer a deal that can be purchased now. The actual deal will need to take place on the businesses’ website or via phone. The organizers of the initiative will not be handling the transactions.

Does the deal beed to be unique to the initiative?
Nope, it could be existing deal you are offering. The initiative will just help to amplify what you are already doing.

What is the current cost to the business?
It is free for business in the City of Tukwila or members of participating chambers. Participating businesses are asked to help support the campaign through their digital and social media platforms.

Ok, but I am not in the City of Tukwila and I am not a member of a chamber how can I participate?
The easiest way to be part of this is to join a participating chamber of commerce. Local chamber of commerces are in the front line in responding to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and need our support. If your chamber is not participating and you would like to join call the number below to discuss options and pricing.

How does it work with businesses in multiple locations?
As long as one of the locations is in the City of Tukwila or a member of a participating chamber of commerce than all your locations can participate. We understand it would be difficult to create a deal that was good at just one location.

Can I remove the deal I offered or change it?
Yes, provided we are given two businesses day notice.

How long will the marketing campaign run?
For at least one month, but we will monitor the Stay Home order and expand the campaign as needed. Remember to follow all health orders from the Governor and public health agencies.

How can I get more information?
Call Brandon Miles at (206) 731-9071 or send an email to [email protected].