Thadeus Strzelecki, President of Pacwest Little League, announced that the organization was the recent victim of a major theft, and they’re seeking help “to save our Little League season.”

Pacwest Little League serves over 300 boys and girls each year in the Burien, SeaTac and Tukwila communities. The organization has served children in our community since 1956, many from low income and underserved communities.

Strzelecki told The B-Town Blog that starting on Friday, Jan. 24, 2020, they were the victim of a major theft that has left them scrambling to salvage their season.

“Thieves kicked in the door to our snack shack, stripped electrical wiring, and copper water piping as well as stole our PA equipment and numerous other items,” he said. “After securing the building it was again broken into with our cameras and other property stolen. At this time we have no electricity and need massive repairs to our concession stand. Our concession stand is the life blood of Pacwest, funding the majority of scholarship and loaner equipment for our players.”

Unfortunately, they have experienced several previous break-ins, and cleaned up numerous vandalism incidents over the past few years.

This most recent theft spans three break-ins:

Friday morning (Jan. 24, 2020) was the initial break-in:

On Friday night, the thief returned:

…then cut the power:

“Our location makes it difficult to prevent complete access to our facility because the Little League Fields sit on leased land from the Port of Seattle,” he added. “While we have a gate that prevents street entry onto the property, we are in an isolated area that has minimal barriers to prevent access to it completely. We are working on getting more support from the Port to improve security measures.”

To help Pacwest Little League (NOTE: Donations are 100% tax deductible), please click below:

If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Port of Seattle Police at (206) 787-3490 and reference Case number 2020-7334.

Strzelecki adds:

“We ask the community for support because while insurance will cover some of the costs, each time we are burglarized it limits our ability to focus on what is most important, providing and improving a youth sports program that serves the children in our community. We believe every child who wants to play should play. Because of our belief, we use most of our funds to give scholarships to players. In fact, we give out more scholarships than any other Little League in our region and operate within a very minimal budget so children can play with less financial burden.

“Broke in at 5:46am on Friday the 24 th.  It’s on the camera, however very covered face.  Weirdly broke the door at 5:46am, just looked around unlocked the door and then left.  Didn’t come back until 7:20am and that is when they started doing their work.  Used garbage cans and binds to load up stuff.  Didn’t cut the power until 7:40am.

“We’re asking for your donation to help repair and replace our damaged facilities so we can start the season on time. We will use donations for the following:

      • Necessary repairs to the building including replacement of electrical and plumbing fixtures
      • Security Improvements
      • Replacement of Stolen equipment
      • Scholarships so that we can continue to provide access to youth sports

“Please help us spread the word by sharing a link to this GoFundMe page on social media or through email. Every single donation no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated by the players in our league. Thank you for your support!


This isn’t the first time Pacwest has been broken into and/or vandalized, why does this keep happening?
Pacwest Little League sit on leased land from the Port of Seattle. While we have a gate that prevents street entry onto the property, we are in a somewhat isolated area that has a minimal barrier to prevent those who access it through other means. We will be looking into and speaking with the Port on what other measures can be taken to prevent access to our property.

Won’t insurance cover this?
Absolutely, insurance can and will cover much of the damages. However, as mentioned above, this won’t be the first of our claims. Due to the frequency, we are concerned that our premiums will escalate if we have to continue to make claims. Lastly, insurance won’t cover preventive measures we may need to explore that we have not yet budgeted for.

You mentioned the community you serve is one of the most economically under served, how do you know this information?
We know that the majority of the kids in our program are part of the Highline School District whose student body has almost 67% of the students falling at or below the poverty level.

I’d like to donate today but how can I help volunteer and/or donate on an ongoing basis?
Please reach out to me directly at

I own a company who is interested in sponsorship or in kind services that might be able to help, who do I reach out too?
We appreciate each and every one of our community partners who helps us through sponsorship and/or in kind goods and services. Without that, we would not be able to operate. We have sponsorship packages available as well as opportunities for you to advertise and or give back to your community. Please reach out to me directly at

More information about Little League Baseball Inc (4470701 Pacwest Ll): Teaching boys and girls between the ages 5-12 years of age the fundamentals of baseball.

Pacwest Little League is located at 14649 16th Ave S. in SeaTac, WA 98168: