Check out the beautiful, historical sign Andrew Jenner crafted for Des Moines Memorial Drive:

Here’s more info on this great project courtesy Rose Clark:

On one small panel it tells the story of the beginning of the Drive with historical pictures and a map of the Drive that is delightful to the eye.

A 2019 graduate of Raisbeck Aviation High School, Andrew took this project on in addition to an Eagle Scout project at the Cove.

Where can you see it?
It’s located in the south end of the Miller Creek Trail Park near S. 146th on Des Moines Memorial Drive (map below). When open, use the parking lot across from the Sunnydale Tavern (gate is temporarily closed for construction). Abutting this parking lot there is a little grove of elm trees planted by Burien and this is the home of Andrew’s inaugural sign. The location is ADA accessible.

To pay for the historical sign, Andrew applied for and received a Neighborhood Matching Grant from the City of Burien. The matching grant required some volunteer time to match the funds. Andrew and his troop spent 50 hours clearing invasive species from this area. Two firms recommended by Burien helped: Otak helped with the design and Fossil Industries made it. He had to work closely with the Des Moines Memorial Drive Preservation Association also. DMMDPA plans to use the format of the sign elsewhere on the Drive, as funds permit, changing out the historical story.

Andrew is leaving for Montana State University in Bozeman, MT to study for a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aeronautical Engineering. It is impressive that this Boy Scout leader has a heart for history and an eye for art. His achievements from lifeguard to ESC volunteer to YMCA Youth and Government program plus more are impressive in such a young man. An AP Scholar with Honors he should go far.

The sign he made will continue to enhance the Drive for years.